How to market your website!

Is your current website:

Do you see a common theme here? If your site is mobile friendly, fast & accessible, you will rank higher and include more web searchers as your potential customers.

Your new website is live, now what?

OK! Now your site is mobile friendly, fast & accessible. It's well branded, uses SEO appropriately, offers a high level of usability and potential for high conversion. Will the world beat a path to your door?

We have a few more steps to consider:

Should you be using a chatbot or "live" chat?

Chatbots really became practical in 2016, when Facebook first allowed chatbots to use Messenger. A chatbot will recognize user button clicks & keywords and respond with intelligent responses. Chatbots run 24/7 and don't take coffee breaks or vacations.

Live chats require a human operator, though the user experience can be more detailed. Operators could be you, your team, or a team hired to fulfill the live chat. Responses can be "canned" to streamline the process, or they can be freely typed by the operator.

Both systems, properly executed will enable: