About the WebClerk Team

My name is Darren Sweet, Founder of WebClerk Services, a problem-solving agency. I have been developing software since the days of Commodore Vic 20 and building websites, web applications and offering web hosting since the dawn of the internet. I built custom shopping carts before there were shopping carts.

While I am a "full stack" developer, competent in every facet of complex website development, I also work with a team of contractors that are experts in their own field, including Marketing, Branding, Design, Content Writing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As a "serial-entrepreneur" and founder of many businesses, some successful and some not, I understand the entrepreneur's mindset plus the steps required to build a successful business.

As a person with invisible disabilities and a strong motivation to include people of all abilities, I spent 6 months learning to create accessible websites that are usable via keyboard or screen reader, and that comply with The Accessible Canada Act, Section 508 and WCAG.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses, including my own established tour business, were struggling to maintain their existing methods and business model.

WebClerk was launched to assist you, and other entrepreneurs, move forward into enhanced web presence & operations using a sustainable & profitable business model.