Our Values & Philosophy



Safety is our #1 value; without it, our other values are not achieved.

Customer Experience Excellence:

We do all the footwork for our guests. On their tour day, they are the most important person in our world. It does not matter what life experience they bring, they matter to us. We are inclusive and accessible.


We want the planet to continue to thrive long after we are gone, therefore we run a sustainable tourism business. Our commitment to sustainability will never affect our guest experience. Each person we encounter leaves feeling positively impacted by us, creating a sense of community around us.


We want all our guests to have fun. Directors and employees have fun too!


We stand by what we say. When we make promises, we keep them.

We Give Back

We believe in helping others locally and in developing nations. Approx 10% of our total sales is given back to our community.

Safety Plan

Our Carrier Safety Plan includes full compliance with standards and regulations including:
  • National Safety Code
  • Motor Vehicle Act
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Standards Program
  • Passenger Transportation Board & Act
  • Summerland & Mobile Business Licences
  • Drivers Medical Examination
  • Drivers Criminal Record Check
  • RCMP Chauffeur Permits
  • Occupational First Aid Equivalent Level 1 (Minimum)
  • Class 4 Driver's Licence (Minimum)
  • ICBC Insured to maximum levels
  • Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage